Rain Boots – Stylish Wellies, Wellingtons, Rubber, Gumboots

By , May 25, 2010 5:20 pm

In case of rain boots, the name may be pointing towards its original purpose a touch too bluntly; you just cant help but think that there is something magical attached to rain booties when Hollywood stars and other celebrities are seen wearing them. While any person not keeping a close watch on the current fashion scene might think that most of these stars are planning against a thunder storm just on the cards, in reality, rain booties are the hottest footwear going around these days.

Rain boots, also known as rubber boots, wellies, wellingtons or gumboots, have really gone down well with women as they are offered in great designs such as buckles and zips, while you also get the luxury to choose your favorite color while buying a pair of rain shoes. There could not have been a more reliable pair of booties which can be safely worn when it’s raining; meanwhile, the sexy designs in which they are available allow you to look unique even when the weather gets rough.

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Women love to keep large collections of shoes, and when it comes to rain footwear there are many exciting designs that can fit in any shoes collection. Fish rain boots or patent leather shoes can be the perfect footwear in a rainy day. If you want to enhance the rough side of your personality (in fashion terms, of course!), wearing rubber boots with a trench coat and casual jeans might just be the fashion combination you’re searching for. A more romantic touch can be given by using sleek wellies and a special attention-gatherer is a pair of tan rubber booties which will make your boyfriend jump in his seat when he first sets eyes on you. Leopard rainboots also give a sexy touch to your appearance.

The reason why they are opted for to be worn in rough wet weather is that warm and safe materials are used in their production so that the body heat gets trapped inside the shoes. Protected wellingtons are just about the perfect footwear for outdoor traveling in a rainy weather, and to add to our style you can put on a colorful T-shirt which will compliment the boots.

To stay on the safe side, most working women like to put on a rain coat, but that is by no means damaging to your fashion image if you wear a pair of brown or black rain wide calf boots. This fabulous combination will keep you dry and warm in nasty weather, while your desire to look stylish and elegant will also be fulfilled. If your job requires frequent traveling between towns and cities, then you should keep rain with you coats on a regular basis, and if you compliment a dark rain coat with stylish rubber boots, this would be an excellent plan against an unpredictable weather forecast.

Women usually associate rough and wet weather with rubber booties, however, today’s women have taken the use of them to the next level as this exciting footwear is opening new avenues for them to express their stylish personality without catching cold in rainy weather.

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